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Nayada Co., Ltd specializes in bunkering of vessels in the ports of the Russian Far East and Eastern Asia. We have been working in the market of marine services since 1998. The license for bunkering operations was received in 2000 accompanied by the purchase of the first major asset, the tanker Zapravschik-12.

From the very beginning the business activity of our Company was guided by 3 main principles which always stay unchangeable: quality, safety, reliability. This allowed us to become one of the major players in the bunkering market of our region, to increase our own tanker fleet, to acquire a wide range of regular customers.

It would be impossible to achieve this without a professional and skilled staff! We are rightfully proud of our team! Together we grow up, gain experience and confidently look to the future!

1998 - 2020

For many years of our Company's activity we managed to produce stable results, created value for customers and suppliers, entered new markets, diversified our business model and brought great new talent into the company development.  

The way to success is not easy. It undermines not only commercial agility, tight execution and clear sense of mission, but also includes such essential and most precious component as our high collaborative culture. This core value unites us across the functions, geography and age. Our priorities always stay unchanged: Safery, Quality, Reliability - that is the main purpose of our daily work for the benefit of our partners.

Evgeny Gryaznykh/ Director of Nayada Co., Ltd







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Nayada's Fleet


Ostrov Sakhalin

Zaliv Nakhodka

Ostrov Russkiy

Zaliv Strelok

Zaliv Vostok

Zaliv Aniva

Today the fleet of Nayada Co. Ltd consists of 7 bunkering tankers of total DWT 84 694 mt. Due to the availability of tankers of different capacities each of our customers has the opportunity to choose a vessel according to the necessary requirements.

The company’s fleet annually passes mandatory vetting inspections of the major oil companies, such as Shell, ExxonMobil and the other OCIMF members, for compliance with international standards for safe and high-quality transportation of petroleum products.

Each tanker is equipped with all necessary facilities for fast and smooth bunkering and thanks to many years of the crew experience and high qualification of our repair team all tankers are in excellent technical condition.


DWT 39551 mt
Tanks capacity 43213 m3
Ostrov Sakhalin
DWT 17078 mt
Tanks capacity 20422 m3
Zaliv Nakhodka
DWT 8490 mt
Tanks capacity 8762 m3
Ostrov Russkiy
DWT 7000 mt
Tanks capacity 6785 m3
Zaliv Strelok
DWT 4976 mt
Tanks capacity 5623 m3
Zaliv Vostok
DWT 4298 mt
Tanks capacity 4669 m3
Zaliv Aniva
DWT 3300 mt
Tanks capacity 3559 m3


According to our customers, we provide the highest level of bunkering operations in Nakhodka Bay. The comprehensive approach to work allows our company to offer the customer:

  • reasonable prices due to direct sales of fuel and oil;
  • bunkering within extremely short timeframes (on average 26 hours) thanks to teamwork of the crew and personnel ashore, as well as advanced facilities;
  • full responsibility for the quality of provided services and petroleum products;
  • comprehensive safety, due to compliance with all requirements for bunkering and international quality standards.

It is important to note that Nayada Co. Ltd bunkers not only large container carriers making long transoceanic crossings, but also bulk carriers, tankers, passenger cruise liners, as well as fishing vessels and ships of the port fleet.

Tank trucks

For several years, Nayada Co., Ltd has been supplying fuel diesel by its own tank trucks to the ultimate buyers on the South of the Primorsky Region, including stevedoring companies, ports and other shore enterprises. Today,  the Company's tuck fleet consists of 4 units:

Kamaz-Nefaz: the volume of the tank - 11 279 m³, 2 compartments (6750 + 4529). counter, discharge nozzle; wheel formula 6 x 6 (for roads of category V).

Kamaz-Nefaz: the volume of the tanker is 11,284 m³, 2 compartments (6731 + 4553), the counter, discharge nozzle, the wheel formula 6 X 6 (for roads of category V);

Kamaz-Nefaz: tank volume - 16 212 m³, 3 compartments (6039 + 5320 + 4853), counter, discharge nozzle.

Hyundai Gold: tank volume - 22 000 m³, 4 compartments (6000 + 5000 + 6000 + 5000), counter, discharge nozzle.

Thus, all tank trucks are manned for direct refueling of large-size equipment at the customer's facilities.



Our company supplies various types of marine engine oils for Russian and foreign consumers.

Oils of the following brands are always available:

Cyltech 70

TLX 304

TLX 404

MHP 153

MHP 154

М14 ДЦЛ 30

М10 Г2ЦС

We also sell drummed oil to foreign buyers and deliver cargo to the ship on FAS terms.

Agenting services

Nayada Agency Co. Ltd offers ship’s agency services in the ports of Nakhodka, Kozmino and Vostochny. We are ready to give full service to our customers related to the stay of the vessel in the port, cargo clearance and handling operations, protection of interests before the port administration and customs authorities.

The personnel, dealing with the agency matters, have the appropriate education and experience; they are persistent and motivated in their work. They are well-versed in the nuances of documentation procedures, declaration of goods and petroleum products and efficiently get the things done.

Quality control

One of the strongest aspects of our company is the attitude to the quality of services provided and the quality of the fuel delivered to the vessels of our customers and partners. When you order bunkering or another type of oil products delivery from us, you can be sure that you will receive the first class goods, the quality of which is strictly adhered to in accordance with the international standard ISO 8217: 2012 and GOST and can be confirmed by independent accredited laboratories.

Nayada Co. Ltd has implemented and successfully applies ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, due to which our company is ready for high competition, innovation and continuous growth.


Safety is another principle of our business.

In May 2012 our company voluntary passed the certification of the Russian Maritime Register of the ISM Code (International Convention on Safety Management).

Crews of the tankers and tug-boats, personnel, involved in oil products delivery process, know and strictly observe the safety rules. During the bunkering at anchorage all mooring operations are carried out correctly and accurately, taking into account the weather conditions in the waters.

Environmental safety is also an important aspect while working with petroleum products. Complying with the environmental requirements, the equipment we use does not allow for the spillage of fuel or oil in the water area.


On the basis of Nayada Co. Ltd the Emergency Rescue Team was created and successfully operates. The ERT allows the company to ensure safety of fleet’s work around the clock and react immediately in case of emergency situations.

The mission of our ERT is a constant readiness to move to the emergency zone and carry out cleanup operations, civil and environment protection from adverse effect, as well as taking effective measures to prevent such accidents on tankers of the company.

To do this part, around-the-clock readiness of the team for rapid response is arranged. The management of the company invests significant funds in the material base, development and
re-equipment of the ERT of Nayada Co. Ltd. Professional trainings, instructions and rescuers evaluation are regularly carried out. ERT personnel are weekly engaged in trainings, practicing and alarm instructions, including the weekends.





150 000

На танкер "Приморье" ( DW 39551, 9480 кВт). Режим работы 3 мес./3 мес., знание А1, опыт работы на танкерах. Резюме на ok@nayada.biz

Второй помощник капитана

140 000

На танкер "Залив Находка"  (DW 8490) , режим 3 мес./3 мес. Опыт работы на танкерах. Резюме на ok@nayada.biz.


от 150 000 руб.

Пятидневная рабочая неделя в офисе (9-00- 18-00). Командировки (ремонт танкеров за границей).

Опыт работы на больших танкерах в должности старшего механика от 2х лет.

Резюме на ok@nayada.biz.


100 000

Опыт работы на танкерах (фрамо), свидетельство кв. матроса или кв. моториста. Режим 3 мес/3 мес. Резюме на ok@nayada.biz

Получить анкету кандидата

MT "Ostrov Sakhalin"

DWT 17078 mt

Built in Germany

Year built 1993

Double hull

Cargo tanks capacity 20422,6 m³

KM* Ice3 AUT1 oil tanker (ESP)

Maximum pumping rate 1200 м³/ч

CP Propeller

Bow thruster (600W)

Type of cargo heating system: tween curcuit, glycolic

Pumps capacity: 12 Х 350 m³/h, 2 Х 100 m³/h

Zaliv Nakhodka

DWT 8490 mt

Built in Norway

Year Built 1990

Double hull

KM * L2AUT oil tanker (ESP)

Stainless steel propeller

Cargo tanks capacity 8762 m³ 

Cargo tanks coiled with thermal oil heating coils

Bow thruster

Cargo pumps 4x340 m³/h

Maximum pumping rate 2000 m³/h

Suitable for transportation of any petroleum cargo

Navigation area unrestricted



MT " Ostrov Russkiy"


DWT 7000

Built in Japan

Year built 1985

Double hull

KM* oil tanker (ESP)

Cargo tanks capacity 6785,1 m3

Cargo tanks equipped with steam heating system

Cargo pumps capacity 2x500 m3/h and 2x250 m3/h

Maximum pumping rate 1000 m3/h

Suitable for transportation of any petroleum cargo


MT "Zaliv Vostok"

DWT 4298

Built in Turkey

Year Built 2002

Double Hull

KM* ICE3 AUT1 oil tanker (ESP)

Cargo tanks capacity 4669 m³ 

Cargo tanks equipped with thermal oil heating coils

Bow Jet thruster

Cargo pumps capacity 2x350 m³/h and 1x850 m³/h

Maximum pumping rate 800 m³/h

Suitable for transportation of any petroleum cargo

Navigation area unrestricted

Shell ("STASCO") approved

ExxonMobil approved

MT “Zaliv Aniva”

DWT 3300 mt

Built in Denmark

Year Built 1990

Double hull

KM* L2 AUT3 oil tanker (ESP)

Cargo tanks capacity 3559 m 3

Caro steam heating system

Bow thruster

Cargo pumps capacity 12x80 m 3/h

Maximum pumping rate 400 m 3/h

Suitable for transportation of any petroleum cargo

Navigation area unrestricted

Shell (“STASCO”) approved